The Ice Life

an art/science/ecology INVESTIGATION on the life & death of Glaciers


The Ice Life project is a collaboration project initiated by composer Mariana Ungureanu, with painter & cognitive scientist Stefan Schneider, visual artist Tina Hochkogler, architect Martin Lucas, and film maker Marteinn Thorsson.

Utilizing field recordings from glaciers (video, photographs, and sounds), the project researches and artistically transforms the life and extinction of this crucial ice landscape, and our perception of it.

We work on audio-visual depictions of the metamorphosis of ice which transcends human and natural timescales, fostering an experience of mutual dignity. The project’s approach is rooted in the belief that assigning blame to individuals is ineffective. By encouraging enactive listening, fostering loving sense-making, and inspiring agency in the face of climate change and glacier disappearance, the project seeks a more impactful connection with its audience.